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    Meet Tearra Salter, our Certified Nurse Practitioner.

Meet Tearra Salter, Our Certified Nurse Practitioner.

Imagine if your Primary Care Provider worked in a Clinic or some other commercial facility. How many of your loved ones would actually know your Primary Care Provider?  From my experience working in a Clinical Office, I’d tell you hardly any.  Transitioning to House Calls has allowed me to build relationships with my patients’ family, friends, and caregivers which creates an environment that fosters the Best Quality HealthCare. Through house calls I can take my time and invest more attention into each of my patients. That’s why I created BQ.”

Tearra Salter is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree in 2012. Tearra has served the community in Acute Care, Primary Care and Home Healthcare settings throughout her nursing career. She later attended The University of Texas at Arlington and completed her Master of Science in Nursing specializing as a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) in 2018. Since obtaining her FNP license, Tearra has worked exclusively as a house call primary care provider.

Routine home visits from a provider who focuses on preventative care could help you keep serious medical issues from spiraling out of control.  We want our patients to stay up to date with their health statuses which will prevent frequent hospitalizations and make way for a more comfortable living.